Thursday, 24 September 2015

FM services sector is on the up

According to the latest quarterly report from the CBI Service Sector Survey, the FM services market has seen a healthy boost in levels of business. 48% of companies surveyed reported a rise in business volumes, 22% increased selling prices and 47% an overall increase in profitability.

The UK services sector remains the largest part of the economy, accounting for about three quarters of economic activity and this increase in activity is mainly as a result of the wider economic recovery and improved confidence.

The other key development in the market is the recent trend in outsourcing and shift away from single service contracts towards bundled services and total facilities management packages. Private and public sector clients are now looking  to reduce procurement costs through seeking ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions, a trend which  is expected to continue.

What does this mean for the sector and how does this translate for recruitment? With the recent return to positive growth, the FM sector is now expected to continue developing with a predicted forecast of £23.2 billion by 2018.

In response to this companies are now required to upskill their existing workforce and attract new talented recruits capable of adopting new technologies in order for businesses to maintain their competitive advantage in the workplace.

Macallam remains well positioned within the FM arena to assist with any potential recruitment needs either on permanent or interim basis.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Business leaders need to focus on adoption of new technologies not deployment

Large companies will all agree that in order to reduce the productivity gap, investment and adoption of new technologies is key; yet even with this investment why are people still working in the old fashioned way?

As recently quoted by Sacha Romanovitch, Chief Executive for Grant Thornton UK “we define ourselves by working in boxes, like when you’re running factory shifts and you need to be physically there. We have still not broken out of the paradigm of the industrial era”.

Top talent are now bringing their own list of job requirements including increased flexibility, job mobility, and teleworking so having the technologies in place to support these is vital for companies wishing to grow their skills pool.

Technology will help attract, build and retain the next generation of business leaders. Exacerbated with the increased number of Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials entering the workforce, the latter of whom have grown up with the Internet; companies really need to embrace the latest technologies and market intelligence and failure to do this will in the long term lead to a talent management crisis.

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Q2 of 2015 sees a slow down in M&A activity in UK FM market

According to research by Grant Thornton, Q2 of 2015 has seen a slow down in Mergers & Acquisitions activity in the UK FM market.

Q1 was possibly artificially inflated with Kiers acquisition of Mouchel which has been the largest transaction seen in the sector since the private equity-backed buyout of Keepmoat in Q3 2014.

The slow down has been driven mainly by lower activity among international buyers following uncertainty in the UK market post July budget and the concerns regarding the potential impact of the increasing minimum wage. Large contractors are already confirming that increased labour costs will wipe out significant profits from their bottom line and that share prices have already seen a significant drop.

With this underlying level of uncertainty surrounding profits outlook, M&A activity is unlikely to pick up as clients need stability. Other evidence reveals that whilst most clients appear to trust the relationships they have built up with their contractor and are prepared to give them the space to watch how things progress, they are now quicker to consider re-tendering if standards slip; so the emphasis on people performance and delivery is key.

Unfortunately as an industry sector, whilst offering a wealth of career opportunities; people tend to fall into the FM profession rather than choosing it and with the impending retirement of baby boomers, the industry will be faced with severe talent shortage at middle and senior management level. Some key players are aware of the cost to the business and the importance of preparing a talent funnel.  

In response to this Macallam have developed a fully integrated recruitment solution to assist clients in becoming an “employer of choice”.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Social recruitment – evolve or get left behind

Most people would agree that change is the only constant now. Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Millennials are now shaping the future workplace, having grown up with technology and being used to using it for communication, entertainment, education, and work.

Whilst social media is not a new phenomenon, within the recruitment arena it has brought positive change to both companies recruiting and candidates. For companies, it is now easier to get to know your candidate than ever before and for candidates it provides a platform to showcase your skill sets and interact with potential recruiters; making the entire application process easier and more engaging.
A recent survey showed LinkedIn is still the most-used social media platform for recruiting, used by 94 percent of recruiters and employers.  In the 11 years since LinkedIn hit the recruiting scene, social media has changed the way employers and recruiter’s source talent

Macallam understand the importance of giving clients and candidates choice using different platforms reducing both the time and cost of hire.  We simplify this process further by first identifying this talent and then connecting with this talent to suggest those candidates who best match against specific job criteria and therefore improving the overall quality of hire.

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Passive candidates represent a key talent not to be missed

2015 is already proving to be a competitive year for recruiters faced with skills shortages and a high demand for quality hires from companies. We will continue to witness a big shift towards closing the gap between active and passive candidates; a key talent pool not to be missed.

In today’s global market, passive candidates, meaning those not actively seeking employment opportunities, represents two thirds of the population.  A recent survey confirmed that on LinkedIn 45 % of these passive candidates would be open to talking to a recruiter about new job leads yet this remains a hugely untapped talent pool with only 61 % of companies actively recruiting passive candidates.

Our recruitment strategy capitalises on this by looking to acquire top talent, whether active or passive using social media to build strong relationships with top talent regardless of current job status making the potential recruitment process timely and efficient and providing the client with best “cultural fit”.

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